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Ball Blaster Water Cannon

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Load the cannon ball and blast it through the hoop or shoot out a water stream. Bath time will be a blast from now on with a circus cannon coming to life that’s just right for the tub. Ready, aim, splash!


  • Attach the cannon to the bottom of the tub and the target hoop to the bottom or side. Place the target at a distance from the cannon.

  • Load one of the five balls inside the cannon, aim towards the target, and fire!

  • Using the power of water, the ball can fly and shoot to a distance of over 3 feet (more than 1 meter)!

  • Have fun swiveling the cannon from side to side and up and down, and firing in different directions.

  • Change the height of the cannon by raising or lowering it.

  • Refine hand-eye coordination, and adjust the challenge by extending or shortening the target leg.

  • Play with the cannon in the tub or outside in the pool.

  • When play is done, place the balls in the storage net so they can dry out.