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339- BlingSting

Black Lipstick Stun Gun

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Mini is the new mighty. This super-sparkler packs all of the features of a full-size stun gun, but is smaller, skinnier and super-lightweight. Known in the category as a "lipstick stun gun", this one is about as long as your toothbrush and a little thicker than your lip gloss. The mini stun gun features a flashlight for that extra layer of safety. With a single press of the button, sparks will fly and the super-loud sound is sure to make anyone unwanted approaching think twice. High-voltage, pain-inducing shocks provide maximum strength stopping power, should you need it.  Works through clothes but is best applied on bare skin.

Rechargeable lithium ion battery with USB charging cord 

LED emergency flashlight shines bright with 90 lumens of power 

Compact glitter case is durable and flake-off free