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Jet Duck Create a Pirate

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This fantastically fun, battery-operated duck, speeds through the tub while firing water out of his cannon, turning bath time into an action-packed adventure. Its 15 pirate accessories will turn it from friendly pirate to… well, anything your child's imagination can come up with.


  • With its batteries in place and the tub about 4 inches (10 cm) full, the jet duck pirate can be turned on for hours of non-stop swimming and splashing fun.
  • Press the on/off button on the front of the base, and off it goes… ‘Arrgh!’
  • Swivel the water cannon and turn or remove the pirate’s duck feet to change its swimming path. Can you make it swim in circles?
  • Connect the 15 accessories to create any character, from a friendly pirate to the silliest sea creature.
  • When the sea raider is ready to call it a day, scoop its accessories into the blue container, attach it to the side of the tub, and place the pirate on top, ready for another exciting bath tomorrow.