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Keepcake Petite

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From freezer to table, KeepCake will make your first wedding anniversary unforgettably delicious. Using modern technology to enhance a timeless wedding tradition, KeepCake features a vacuum pump, cake stabilizing plate, keepsake compartment, and a decorative pedestal attachment for you to display your cake.

KeepCake Petite fits a maximum-size decorated round cake that is 8 inches wide and 4 inches tall. KeepCake Petite with the 6-inch round plate insert fits a maximum-size decorated cake that is 6 inches round and 3.75 inches tall or a 5.5-inch square cake that is also 3.75 inches tall. 

Includes the following: 
✓ Vacuum sealed lid
✓ Cake stabilizing base plate
✓ Decorative pedestal
✓ Keepsake compartment
✓ Vacuum pump

KeepCake comes in two sizes: KeepCake Classic and KeepCake Petite.