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879-Ellie Rose

Lips Mirror Phone Charm

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This lips-shaped phone mirror easily applies to the back of your phone or phone case with super strong adhesive. Perfect for on-the-go touch ups to make sure you’re totally selfie ready! Shaped in a luscious lips outline, this mirror decal features an anti-scratch coating to maintain the highly reflective surface. Compatible with nearly all smartphones, tablets, and other mobile devices! Stay looking #flawless in photos and IRL!

Easy application – simply remove the protective backing and apply to your clean and dry phone or phone case. Press firmly for several seconds to cure the application. Sticks to smooth, hard, flat surfaces only. Not for use with silicone or textured phone cases. Mirror decal can be removed.

• Peel and Stick – easy application!
• Strong adhesive keeps your mirror firmly attached to your phone or case
• Removable
• Made of durable polycarbonate
• Compatible with most smartphones and smartphone cases