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My Big Book of Nature Sounds

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Buzz! Crunch! Woof! Moo! What's that sound? Press the buttons to find out!
An interactive sound book: Young readers develop important listening skills as they explore sounds and words in their language development. Whether it's a barking dog or crunching leaves, children learn that the sounds of nature are all around us wherever we go: in the garden, at the beach, and even underwater!
- 20-button sound panel with 100 sounds and words
- Detailed illustrations keep readers engaged
- Durable board book design is ideal for travel and just the right size for little hands

A wonderful addition to a young reader's library!
- Interactive children's sound book
- Fun family read-aloud books
- Books for children aged 0 to 3
- Books for preschool and up

Product Dimensions: 9.6 Inches (H) x 9.6 Inches (W) x .7 Inches (D)

Age Range: 0-3

Format: Hardcover

Publisher: Twirl

IBSN: 978-2-40804-216-5

Includes two AAA batteries (2 x 1.5V = 3V). If the audio does not play, the batteries may need to be replaced. Batteries should be replaced by an adult only.